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Color accelerator complex
the product contains a specific complex based on precious oils suitably selected for their ability to convey color inside the hair.

By using ADD, the exposure time of the color is drastically reduced and the color is more vibrant and bright.

This special complex, once absorbed by the hair, continues its effectiveness over time as it provides protection from external agents and from environmental oxidative stresses that are the cause of color fading.

Additionally , using ADD increases the comfort of the color service as it moisturizes the scalp.

100 ml

add 100 ml.png

100 ml bottles with dropper

Bottle: Plastic - PET 01

Dropper: Glass and Plastic C / GL 95

tubo 100 ml con astuccio.png

100 ml color tube

Pencil case : Paper - PAP 21

Tube: Aluminum - ALU 41

Capsule: Plastic - PP 05

vaso polvere 500 ml.png

Jar 1000 ml

Jar: Plastic - PET 01

Cap: Plastic - PP 05

vaso pasta 500 ml.png

Jar 500 ml

Jar: Plastic - PP 05

Cap: Plastic - PP 05

vaso mask 250 ml.png

Bottles 1000 and 250 ml

Bottle: Plastic - PET 01

Dispenser: Plastic - PP 05

Cap: Plastic - PET 01

flacone 250 ml squadrato.png
flacone 1000ml squadrato.png

Jar 250 ml

Jar: Plastic - PET 01

Cap: Plastic - PET - 01

1000 ml bottle with cap

Bottle: Plastic - PE HD 02

Cap: Plastic - PP 05

flacone 1000 ml tondo.png
simbolo riciclo.png

* Separate collection. Check the provisions of your municipality.

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